Hello Kitty T-Shirt, Panties, Sneakers, and Purple
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In this new messy video I am wearinf.

- Cute kitty ear muffs

- A Hello Kitty T-shirt.

- Hello kitty necklace.

- Cute spotted panties.

- Cute white lace socks.

- Odessa designer skate trainers

I cant believe I ruined these amazing trainers but I did! and it was so amazing! Haha

In this new cute and messy video I:

- Show off my cute and sexy outfit

- Fill up my panties with a big jug of thick bright purple slime

- Pour a jug of slime down my bare leg then all over my white designer trainer, destroying it completely

- Pour purple slime all over my other trainer destroying that one too!

- Turn around and fill up the back of my cute panties with heaps of thick bright purple slime!

- Have fun squishing my slimed panties and pulling them up in to a messy wedgie

- Pour purple slime all over the back of my panties which coats them thickly and sexily pours down my bare legs feeling amazing!

- Slop more handfuls of purple slime on to my bum, and pour more of the fun thick slime in to the back of my panties

- Sit down and pour heaps of slime all over my Hello Kitty T-shirt and Hello Kitty necklace

- Slop heaps of purple slime on to my cute kitty earmuffs

- Slime my trainers lots more

- Slop heaps of slime on to my head, and T-shirt and have fun playing in all the mess

- Pour heaps of slime straight over my head and face

- Take off my fully slimed T-shirt to reveal my big sexy boobies!

- Take of my Kitty ear muffs to fully gunge them then put them back on

- Slime my T-shirt and show it to the cameras, then squeeze the slime out of it all over my boobs

- Slop heaps of purple slime all over my boobs and straight in to my face

- Have heaps more fun sliming my head, face, sexy body and playing with my slimed panties.

- Stand up and slowly turn around to show off my fully slimed body and messy wedgie

- Slop heaps and heaps more slime in to my face, which pours down and messes up my big sexy boobies and body lots covering me entirely in thick purple slime!
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