SweetSophie's Multicoloured Shirt and White Jeans
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Total runtime:10 mins, 41 secs
Date added:5/26/16
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In this messy scene I am wearing:

- A smart white pinstriped shirt.

- Low waisted kick flared white jeans.

- A sexy leopard print thong.

- White heels.

- Silver chain necklace.

- Silver bracelet. Sliver swirl earrings.

- Red painted finger nails.

In this new sexy messy video I:

- Show off my smart sexy outfit and heels.

- Pick a whole bowl of blue slime and tease myself with it.

- Daring myself to pour it over me all at once haha!

- Suddenly I pour it all over my head giggling excitedly

- Blue slime pours down all over my shirt jeans and heels

- Pour a huge bowl of yellow slime straight over my head too!

- Pour a big jug of bright yellow slime straight over my head loving the feel of my slimed outfit.

- Show off my outfit now its has three colours of slime poured all over it.

- Smears heaps of purple slime all over the bum of my jeans.

- Pour the rest of the bowl of purple slime straight over my head.

- Pour a big bowl of orange slime straight over my head |& face.

- Enjoy myself as I smear hte slime all over my outfit sliming it completely.

- The camera shows a close up off my slimed outfit.

- Sit in the bath and slop heaps of slime all over my jeans.

- Have fun splatting different coloured slimes in to my face.

- Slop heaps of the mixed up slimes all overt my outfit.

- Cut and tear my fully slimed jeans to pieces.

- Slop heaps more slime all over me.

- Slime my bare sexy legs and heels.

- Fill up my sexy thong with heaps of slime naughtily rubbing it in.

- Cut and tear my slimed shirt off to reveal my big sexy boobies.

- Have fun sliming my boobies lots.

- Slop and pour heaps and heaps of gunge in to my face enjoying the full thick facial coverage.
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