SweetSophies Savoury Shirt, Skirt, Bag, and Heels
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In this new messy video I am wearing:

- A smart white shirt.

- A silver satin handbag.

- Tight blue mini skirt.

- Lace top white stockings.

- Cute button and lace full black panties

- White heels

In this new messy savoury video I:

- Show off my sexy outfit, bag and white heels.

- Fill up my handbag with tomato ketchup

- Squeeze my handbag which sauce spurts out of and messing my shirt, skirt, and heels.

- Squirt tomato ketchup over my stockings and white heels.

- Squeeze tomato sauce over my shirt enjoying destroying it

- Squeeze brown sauce over my smart-shirt ( Something so clean should certainly become Messy )

- Squeeze brown sauce over the back of my tight blue mini skirt that shows of the sexy curve of my cute bum and white lace stocking tops as the sauce pours down coating it nicely

- I wiggle my cute sexy bum giggling and having fun

- Squirt salad cream inside my handbag, loving how it fills up with sauce, then pour salad cream on the outside of it too

- Squirt salad cream on my neck which pours down inside my shirt and feels amazing --Salad cream floods over the front of my white shirt too and I enjoy the gungy feeling lots

- I push my hands down inside my shirt to naughtily feel my gunged boobies

- Smear the gunge over my shirt with my hands.

- Squirt salad cream all over my tight sexy blue mini skirt and on the bottom of my gunged white shirt.

- Sit down and smear the sauces over my legs.

- Squirt brown sauce over my heels and over my stocking legs.

- Grin and lift up my skirt and squirt brown sauce over my stocking tops.

- Squirt tomato ketchup over my cute black button and lace panties and sexy stomach.

- Sauce pools between my legs and feels so sexy

- Smear the sauce all over my legs.

- Smear sauce over my handbag and throw it to the side with a satisfied smile.

- Lay back and squirt brown sauce over the outside and inside of my gunged shirt.

- Squirt brown sauce on my face

- Lift up my gunged mini skirt to show off my black panties.

- Pour heaps of salad cream over the back of my panties which drips all down my bum and thighs.

- Cut and tear my gunged skirt and shirt to shred and take them off to reveal my big sexy boobies!

- Squirt brown sauce all over my big sexy boobies

- Turn round to show off my messy bum and squirt brown sauce all over the back of my gunge soaked panties.

- Grin, squeal, and tip a big jug of spaghetti all over my head squealing and laughing loudly as it feels so fantastic

- Spaghetti pours over my big boobs, sexy body and pools between my legs

- Pick up the pool of spaghetti to pour on top of my head too

- Splat heaps of spaghetti straight in to my face enjoying myself and laughing lots

- Fill up my gunged panties with lots of spaghetti and naughtily squish it in to myself feeling very turned on!

- Throw one last big handful of gunge in to my face and feeling very satisfied with my big mess I wave at the camera
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