SweetSophie's Sexy Fun in a Corset and Custard
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In this new messy scene I am wearing:

- A black satin corset.

- A sexy red lace thong.

- A black and red sexy garter.

- Lace top red fishnet stockings.

- Black PVC heels.

- Silver dangle earrings.

- Red painted finger nails.

In this new sexy messy scene I:

- Show off my very sexy outfit from both the front and back.

- Pour a big jug of custard straight over my head which drips all over my outfit.

- Show off the messy damage

- Tip a second jug of custard straight over my head while squealing with delight which splats all over my outfit.

- Show off my even messier outfit while giggling lots.

- I briefly peak to the camera guy cos I splatted custard all over his jeans Haha

- The camera shows a close up of the custard starting to go inside my corset.

- Sexily smear the custard in to my corset and hair.

- Pour a third and fourth jug of custard over my head, making myself extremely messy.

- My cleavage had filled up with custard and my corset is sliding down.

- Splat a fifth and sixth jug of custard straight in to my face loving the smell and feel of the facial coverage.

- I can feel the custard pouring down inside my corset and all over my sexy boobies.

- I smear custard all over my PVC shoes and sexy red fishnet stockings.

- Splat three big handfuls of custard straight in to my face enjoying the full facial coverage.

- I have fun playing with my sexy corset filling it up with custard and squeezing it out all over me.

- The camera guy creaks the camera Shhhhh! I'm trying to play in custard here (lol well I do aim to write accurate descriptions lol)

- I unhook my corset and open it from the front, revealing my big sexy custard covered boobies.

- I'm dying to cover my boobies in the lovely custard! --I scoop up many handfuls of custard and enjoy the feel of it thickly coating and sliding down them while I'm feeling very turned on!

- I splat another big handful of custard straight in to my face, then pour more handfuls of custard all over my big sexy boobies.

- I smear more custard all over my sexy stocking legs.

- I kneel up and slop many handfuls of custard all over my cute sexy bum, kneeling up to show off my bum in a very sexy position.

- I stand up with my hands behind my head to show off my slippery custard covered body.

- I kneel down &b slop lots more custard in to my face.

- I slop heaps more custard all over my boobies and make a pool of custard in my lap and have more fun playing in it.

- I lie back in the bath and rub the custard over my slippery sexy boobies.

- I have fun naughtily rubbing my slippery thong between my legs feeling very turned on.

- I push custard down inside my thong and naughtily play with myself inside.

- I sit up and slop heaps more custard in to my face breathing heavy with feeling turned on so much.

- Splat one more big handful of custard in to may face before the camera guy leaves the room ;)
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