SweetSophies White Jeans and Heels in Red Slime
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Date added:12/04/16
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In this sexy, messy scene I am wearing:

- Slim white jeans.

- A fitted white shirt.

- Strapped white heels.

- Pink bra and panties.

- Red painted nails.

In this sexy, messy scene I:

- Show off my cute, sexy outfit for the camera.

- Take two huge jugs of thick red slime from my bucket of slime and pour it over my shoulders, enjoying the feeling of it dripping over my cute bum and all the way down to the floor.

- Scoop up huge handfuls of the thick red gunge and smear them all over my cute outfit, not satisfied until its completely covered in the sloppy mess.

- Take huge jug of thick red slime and pour it over my head, feeling turned on by the thick slime saturating my hair.

- Take more jugs of thick red slime and pour them over my head face and body.

- Sit down in the pool of sloppy mess that has accumulated at my feet and play in the gungy mess, scooping up huge handfuls and having lots of fun splatting them all over my body head and face.

- Take some scissors and cut and tear my completely saturated slim white jeans, cutting and tearing them off until they are completely destroyed! I would be easier to unbutton them but where's the fun in that?! xx

- Take huge jugs of huge red slime and pour them all over my legs, cute red panties and cute bum, feeling really turned on as i massage in the thick slime.

- Scoop up huge handfuls of thick red slime and completely cover and mess up my strapped white heels.

- Take the scissors and cut into my fully gunged fitted white shirt, tearing it off and completely destroying it!

- Completely saturate my cute pink bra with the thick red slime before taking it off to show off my big sexy boobies xx

- Scoop up huge jugfuls of thick red slime and pour them over my big sexy boobies, not stopping until I get the amazing feeling of them being completely covered.

- Scoop up lots and lots of thick red slime and splat it all over my head and face going for the full head and facial coverage then lay back feeling very very satisfied xxx
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